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Opera is one of the most powerful elements of Italian cultural heritage, representing and promoting the culture and language on Italy worldwide. Italian opera will always be bound to the places where it flourished and where composers and musicians lived.

Performances, festivals, events, international competitions, master classes take place in Italy all the year long, to keep the tradition of Italian Opera alive and renew it over and over again for the contemporary public and performers.

Travelling throughout Italy

Attending a live Opera performance or visiting the birthplace of a composer, taking part in an audition or a masterclass, is now affordable and a lot easier, particularly by train. We aim to make it easier also to find the right information all in one place.

Ulisse Errante

Ulisserrante not only lists theaters and venues, performances and concerts but also museums, training opportunities, auditions, master classes. It also gives the independent traveler some practical info and suggestions on places that in Italy he shouldn’t pass by. Italian UNESCO sites, some of the main natural attractions along with unspoiled walks, cycling itineraries; restaurants to sample local culinary specialties, selected quality hotels, small traditional markets, local producers. And so on. In short, all the best that Italy has to offer.

The place of Italian Opera

From the Alps to Sicily, we’d like to be of help in designing and organizing your personal journey through the country of music.

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