Le convenienze e inconvenienze teatrali


Set in the theatre of Brozzi, a suburb of Florence, it is a farcical foretaste of the Pirandello pièce on theatre within theatre. It is in fact the staging of rehearsals for a play with all the stereotypes imaginable: the primadonna soprano, the German tenor with an unpronounceable surname, the plagiarising composer, and an improbable baritone en travesti, Mamma Agata, who, singing in Neapolitan, threatens the composer in order to ensure that his daughter, the second woman, has the important role that she deserves. From the ludicrous suggestions of how to play violins and violas we knew at the end that the show eventually collapsed, and rather than pay back all the investors, whose money has already been spent, the company flees the town under cover of night.

Le convenienze e inconvenienze teatrali
(Conventions and Inconveniences of the Stage)

A farce in one act and two scenes
Libretto by Domenico Gilardoni based on Le convenienze teatrali e Le inconvenienze teatrali by Antonio Simone Sografi
Music by Gaetano Donizetti

In collaboration with the “Luigi Cherubini” Music Conservatory, Florence
Paolo Ponziano Ciardi

Francesco Torrigiani

Orchestra e Coro “Luigi Cherubini” di Firenze

Choir director
Francesco Rizzi