Sunday, 11 December at 16.00
Music by Henry Purcell and Matthew Locke
Soprano: Berit Solset
Narrator: Emanuele Marchesini
Conductor, harpsichord: Ottavio Dantone
Legend tells that Henry Purcell died of indigestion. Another one, even more bizarre, tells about a bloody night in the open, having been accidentally closed outside the house. The fact is that the bigger and unlucky english baroque composer, born forty-three years after Shakespeare’s death, he was influenced throughout life, so much to write in his latest production period two extraordinary masterpieces inspired by him: The Fairy Queen of 1692, inspired by the comedy a Midsummer night’s dream of 1596 , and very intense incidental music composed just the year of his mysterious death (1695) for the comedy The Tempest of 1611. Accademia Bizantina conducted by Ottavio Dantone, group and Director of the most accredited in the world to run with Baroque practice and original instruments, offer the most exciting pages of two titles. The young actor bolognese Emanuele Marchesini will recreate the original texts of William Shakespeare.


Pur ti miro | Festival of Baroque music | Fondazione Teatro Rossini